世界水电大会呼吁对气候紧急情况采取紧急行动, 利用独特的水力发电能力

在2021年结束时,水力发电部门今天发表了一项具有里程碑意义的宣言 世界水电大会它得到了各国政府、前总理、非政府组织和国际机构的支持.

《esball国际平台客户端》 urges greater 绿色 investment in responsible 水电 development and places enhanced ESG performance expectations on the sector.

The Declaration puts forward a new set of fundamental principles and recommendations to drive forward 水电’s contribution to global climate goals.


在今天的世界水电大会闭幕式上, the San José Declaration on Sustainable 水电 will be handed over to COP26 President Alok Sharma to deliver to the United Nations 气候 Change Conference in Glasgow in November.

Alok Sharma said: “This Declaration is a first vital step in increasing the global deployment of 水电, 以坚实的原则指导项目的esball国际app, and sound recommendations for governments and policy-makers developed in consultation with businesses, 金融机构和公民社会. And this exemplifies the collaborative approach we need to make the clean energy transition a reality.”


The 2021 世界水电大会 was organised by the International 水电 Association (IHA) and hosted in partnership with the Government of Costa Rica and Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), 主题为“可再生能源共同合作”.

哥斯达黎加环境与能源部长, 安德里亚就Murillo, 他说:“《esball国际app》旨在促进可持续水电esball国际app, 它呼吁采取最佳做法,最大限度地发挥各国政府之间的积极影响, 私营部门和利益相关者.”

以哥斯达黎加首都的名字命名, 《esball国际app》指出:“可持续水电是一种清洁能源, 绿色, 应对气候变化的现代和可负担的解决方案".

Recognising climate change as “the most pressing existential threat to humanity and the environment”, the Declaration calls for urgent action to spur new investments in sustainable 水电 development and unlock its potential for providing storage and flexibility in renewable energy systems.

在宣言的核心, which was issued by the International 水电 Association (IHA) as the Secretariat to the 世界水电大会, 是对国际良好做法的承诺吗, 它的中心声明强调了“前进”, 唯一可以接受的水电是可持续水电。”.

世界水电大会还推出了《esball国际平台客户端》, 一个新的ESG认证计划,这是可再生能源领域的第一个此类计划. The Standard underpins the San José Declaration by providing a basis for defining international good practices in 水电 sustainability.


The San José Declaration includes an unprecedented statement by the global 水电 community that new projects should not be developed in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It also takes new steps in committing to a duty of care in the development of 水电专业jects that affect legally designated protected areas. 这一历史性的举动是由宫内厅提出的, 代表大约100个开发者, operators and manufacturers that between them account for around a third of the world’s installed 水电 capacity.


未来几十年,大量的风能和太阳能将进入电网, there will be increased need for 水电 to provide 绿色 storage and back-up when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun doesn’t shine. 《esball国际平台客户端》阐明了水电如何成为一种经过验证的加强风能和太阳能的技术, 如何将太阳能光伏和风能整合到混合动力项目中, 以及它如何帮助产生绿色的氢.


《esball国际平台客户端》中提出的一项关键建议提出了“要么使用它,要么失去它”的立场, 强调所有的水坝都应该是有益的. This is accompanied by a call for dams to be reviewed for decommissioning in cases where they no longer provide benefits to society or the environment, 或有不可调和的安全问题或不利的环境影响.


《esball国际平台客户端》 was shaped by a wide-ranging public consultation that took place over several months, 在世界水电大会上,全球决策者的聚会达到了高潮.

Hundreds of organisations and individuals participated in the consultation by attending online events facilitated by IHA and submitting feedback on draft versions of the Declaration. 收到了各国政府代表的意见, 非政府组织, 国际金融机构, 学术和研究机构, 以及民间社会组织.


世界水电大会召集了6个以上的人,000 participants representing a broad spectrum of voices among those with an interest in 水电 development worldwide. 当esball国际平台客户端达到高潮时, international leaders lent their voices to support the ambitions of the San José Declaration on Sustainable 水电.

世界水电大会的战略合作伙伴是中国三峡公司, 法国电力公司, 沙捞越能源和雅砻江水电开发公司, 通用电气可再生能源和福伊特水电的支持伙伴.



“《esball国际平台客户端》 is going to provide the blueprint for the new generation of 水电, the construction and delivery of which is so critical if we are going to achieve the cut in emissions that we need.” – 马尔科姆·特恩布尔,澳大利亚第29任总理

“水电可持续性标准将是一个非常重要的创新, 最重要的是, 它将允许国际社会投资水电项目.” – 托尼·布莱尔,全球变化研究所执行主席

“重要的是,新的水电项目要符合可持续性标准. 我们欢迎就《esball国际平台客户端》所做的工作.” – Fatih Birol博士,国际能源机构执行主任

“At 法国电力公司 we do support the San José Declaration on Sustainable 水电 and we call on policy-makers to act swiftly on these recommendations, 特别是在促进投资方面.” – Jean-Bernard Lévy,法国电力公司董事长兼首席执行官

“The Costa Rican Electricity Institute is committed to the 世界水电大会 and the San José Declaration because it provides a path to continue promoting the transition towards renewable, 现代, 和可负担的能源.” – Irene Cañas,哥斯达黎加能源研究所(ICE)所长

“如果我们现在不采取行动,我们作为一个社会,将错过机会之窗. 圣José宣言指明了在2050年实现净零的道路, 绿色, 可持续和可负担的水电. I particularly welcome the 水电 可持续性 Standard as a key pillar of the San José Declaration. To me this is the foundation of our credibility as an industry as 水电专业jects around the world will have to be independently rated and certified for their sustainability performance. 作为通用电气公司,我们不会参与任何未经这些标准审核的项目.” - Pascal Radue, GE可再生能源水电解决方案总裁兼首席执行官

“《esball国际app》是一个重要的里程碑,提出了如此强有力的承诺. 也是esball国际平台客户端的长期会员, 福伊特水电将继续跟进并支持这一积极的举措.” – Uwe Wehnhart,福伊特水电公司CEO

“The San José Declaration well formulates a set of important recommendations to policy-makers in order to accelerate the energy transition and we urge them to act now.” – Wolfgang Semper, Andritz Hydro的首席执行官

“We support the San José Declaration on Sustainable 水电 and the 水电 可持续性 Standard. They will play an important role in achieving global energy transition and net zero carbon targets.” – 王晓军,湖北清江总经理

“We are in full support of the San José Declaration of Sustainable 水电 and the sustainable 水电 Standard.” – 何生明,亚龙水电副总经理

A full selection of video statements at the conclusion of the 世界水电大会 can be viewed at the website address below.

欲了解更多信息,请访问 www.水电.org/declaration.


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