Long duration energy storage moves up the 全球 agenda

Two former heads of government recognise the world needs the flexibility and energy storage solutions that hydropower can offer, 写将统治, Digital Communications Officer at the International Hydropower Association (IHA).

Tony Blair and Malcolm Turnbull kicked off the opening day of the 2021 世界水电大会 2021年9月7日, 主题讨论题为“气候变化”, 可再生能源与可持续水电.

跟随他们的任期, the two former Prime Ministers have continued to play an active role in helping to solve the planet’s most pressing issues. 托尼·布莱尔是执行主席 托尼·布莱尔全球变化研究所马尔科姆·特恩布尔是 抽水蓄能水电国际论坛r.

The two influential thinkers met to address key challenges the planet will face as it attempts to decarbonise the 全球 energy system in line with targets made in the Paris Agreement.

“The idea of long duration storage is absolutely essential,” commented Mr Blair. “The question is, how do we implement sufficient projects at scale to make a difference?

“除非我们有那种长期存储, the other aspects of renewable energy simply won’t meet the requirements of energy stability and supply,”他补充道.

Historically, the world has relied on fossil fuels to balance varying demands in energy. As the world’s energy system decarbonises and the growth of ‘variable’ renewables such as wind power and solar PV accelerates, the flexibility and energy storage solutions that hydropower and pumped hydro can offer, will be required to stabilise the 全球 energy system.

作为 国际抽水蓄能水电论坛, Mr Turnbull has championed the need for urgent investment in energy storage and urged policy-makers 全球ly to better incentivise and reward the ancillary services provided by hydropower.

“All of us – and this applies right around the world – are going to have to get our heads around paying for incentivising the creation of long duration storage,”他说.

Mr Turnbull emphasised the “need to provide 清洁 and affordable energy in low- and middle-income countries” explaining that as these countries grow “unless we can provide some solutions, 它们的排放量将继续增长.”

圣José宣言, to be launched at this year’s 世界水电大会, 将概述的承诺, principles and recommendations for the hydropower sector to enhance the sector’s contribution to the energy transition.

The Declaration has been drafted and refined following the outcomes of a series of forums and working groups including the IHA Charter for Sustainable Hydropower, the Hydropower 可持续性 Standard and the Working Group on Hydropower in Protected Areas, ensuring the Declaration has a foundation committed to promoting only 清洁, 绿色可持续水电.

圣José宣言, to be launched at this year’s 世界水电大会, 将概述的承诺, principles and recommendations for the hydropower sector to enhance the sector’s contribution to the energy transition.

“《esball国际平台客户端》, 我认为这在非洲尤其重要, 在东南亚, where there are plenty of opportunities for further hydropower development. It’s absolutely vital that [hydropower is] done in a way that has the support of local communities and above all is sustainable,特恩布尔继续说道.

There will be an inevitable spike in carbon emissions from developing nations as they continue grow. To successfully decarbonise the 全球 energy grid in line with commitments made in the Paris Agreement, 这必须尽可能地加以抵消.

更丰富的, developed nations can help developing countries by sharing renewable energy technology to ensure fossil fuels are not relied upon to meet increasing energy demands. 另外, 清洁, green energy produced by renewable energy sources may transmitted to developing countries via power lines and interconnectors.

“We know we can make a big difference – we know there are big projects that need to be done and other small-scale projects, 我们知道问题出在哪里, the problem is putting it together with the right financing and the right regulatory framework and underwriting the political risks,布莱尔指出, 结束会话.

Hydropower is the world’s largest source of renewable energy, however its long lead times mean that to meet the demands of future, 全球, 电气化网格, 低影响地区的esball国际app必须从现在开始.

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